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DAAN Extractors (Smart 32 )
  • This product has obtained CE certification.
  • DAAN Extractors (Smart 32 )
  • It operates easily
  • Extracts rapidly
  • Reliable result.
Weight 380 kg


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Smart 32 nucleic acid extraction instrument is is designed and manufactured by DaAn Gene. The extraction instrument owing the functions of temperature control, oscillation and blending, cancrack sample and release the nucleic acid under the appropriate conditions, blend the magnetic beads with nucleic acid, elute and release the nucleic acid, transferand separate the magnetic bead through magnetic device, at last extract the nucleic acid material from the samples. It can extract a single sample or 32 samples atthe same time, the user can edit experiment procedure, monitor experiment condition, open or close the ultraviolet light disinfection functions through thetouch screen. It operates easily, extract rapidly, and has reliable result.

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Weight 380 kg


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