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Do I need an ID and password for the African Medical Supply Platform?

The African Medical Supply Platform (AMSP) product catalogue is only open to approved governments, health organizations and other partners. 

Each eligible organization will receive login details from Africa CDC to access the platform. To discuss eligibility, please contact our customer service by completing this form (buyer registration form).

How to show proof of funds ?

To be an eligible buyer on this platform, we require confirmation of your proof of funds. 

In order to do this, buyers are required to open an account at Afreximbank, which is the payment facilitator for this platform. 

To get started, please complete the request form (Link to govt form with fields from Afrexim) to enable us commence processing your request.

How can I place an order?

To place an order request, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Please log into the platform using your approved ID and password.
  2. Search for the products you need, review the product specifications and add to your cart
  3. Click on view cart to review the items you have requested 
  4. Click on the checkout button to fill in your shipping details 
  5. Complete your order by using the place order button

How can I obtain a printed copy of all the listed items?

Given the dynamic nature of information provided on our platform, we do not offer a printable copy of all listed items. 

Our product catalogue content is continually updated online. 

What is your order cancellation policy?

Once your order has been confirmed and payment verified, we can not process any cancellation requests. 

We also are unable to make any edits to the quantity of items ordered, the price or the specified delivery address.

Do you offer fast shipping?

Our negotiated contract with our logistics partners will allow us to ship your items within 5-10 days.

To request for even faster delivery timelines, please contact our customer service by filling this contact us form

How can I track the order shipment?

When your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us with carrier details and tracking information.

How is the quality of products assured?

We only source and list products globally certified and vetted suppliers.

To further assure you of the quality of the items, our suppliers offer individual warranty (ranging from 1 – 3 years) on all products listed.

What are the available category of medical equipment and supplies available?

This platform lists medical devices and equipment that are essential for COVID-19 related prevention and control. 

The main categories of medical devices and equipment are diagnostics equipment, clinical management and protective equipment.

Is there any limitation on the quantity I can order?

Due to the global shortage of some medical supplies and equipment, there may be exceptions where the platform will be operating based on the principle of fair distribution to all member states requesting medical supplies. 

In this case, we will have limitations on the quantity of supplies that can be ordered by individual member states. 


However, the platform will have a mechanism in place to ensure that required quantities can be secured by requesting users once supplies have reached surplus and have fulfilled fair allocation to member states that requested the medical supplies.

How will spare parts and maintenance for diagnostics and clinical management equipment be handled after delivery of the medical equipment?

If you are experiencing issues with any of your items, please contact our customer service team via (contact us form).

How do I search for items?

You can search for items using the following ways:

Product Category:

 On the homepage of the website, please select “Product Categories” from the menu bar to find  the equipment category you are interested in.

 Click on any one of these categories to go to a list of products in that specific category.

 Select an individual item to get a view of details and technical specifications.


 Search box:

 The search box on the top menu bar is a flexible search tool based on a full or partial match of words.


 The use of wildcard characters like ‘*’, ‘?’ and ‘+’ or single characters like ‘a’ has no effect in this tool. Searching, for example, “”Medical gloves”, will give you a list of products which contain ‘medical’ or ‘gloves’.

 Multiple words can also be searched with space character between them.

 Example: “”N95 masks”” will give you a list of all entries that match the words on the website”

How can I view prices of items?

You can only view prices of items once you login. All unit prices are shown in the product list or product details.

Prices for similar items may vary depending on individual suppliers.

Why is the price of an item in my cost estimate different than the final price shown at checkout?

All prices displayed at checkout include the cost of shipping your medical equipment(s) to you. 

Your final price is determined by the total number of items requested and the cost of shipping to your preferred destination. 

Please note that product prices are subject to change without notice depending on demand.

How do I make payment?

Payment should be made directly to the Afrexim settlement account shared with you during your onboarding. 

 For any assistance please contact or (20) 224 564 119 / (20) 224 564 106. Please quote your account number in all your communications with us to allow us to provide you with prompt service.

How is shipping calculated?

The fee for shipping is calculated based on our current negotiated rates with our logistics partners for the total weight of the order to the destination.

When does my order get shipped?

We will only ship your order after confirmation of payment by our finance partner, Afreximbank.

There are instances where your order request will have to be consolidated with other countries as part of our fair distribution (quota) system to member countries. In this case, your order will be shipped once we meet the minimum order quantity and all payment is confirmed by Afreximbank.

Do you provide in - country transportation?

We will only deliver your items to the shipping destination provided in your order.

What is the return policy on defective products?

For product complaints and after sales issues, please contact our customer service by filling this contact us form

How are manufacturers vetted / onboarded to the platform?

We are currently only onboarding globally certified suppliers that have been vetted and approved by globally recognized bodies – W.H.O, FDA, FIND, AMA,NMPA, EUA .

This vetting system allows us to only source for the highest quality equipment in the market.

How will technical support for diagnostics and clinical management equipment be handled during the installation and application?

As part of our onboarding process for sellers, we require technical manuals and videos to enable our buyers set up their equipment.


If you require further assistance with installing or using any of the items purchased, please contact our customer service team via (online contact us form).

How do I know the compatibility of the diagnostics equipment listed is compatible with the existing equipment I have?

Each type of diagnostics equipment listed in the platform will have information about the type of equipment, the brand available, manufacturer and detailed specification on the product catalogue page.

The specific brand or specification I am looking for is not listed. How can I request for it?

The product assortment on our platform have been sourced from globally certified suppliers in order to help African Union member states fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

To request for a specific product or brand of equipment not listed on the platform, please contact our customer service team via our online contact form