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Porkka WIC mono block 40m3

Porkka Walk-in type cold room, mono block, 40m3 for storage of vaccines

at national and sub-national levels.




General description:

Porkka Walk-in type cold room, mono block, 40m3 for storage of vaccines
at national and sub-national levels.

External dimensions: L=3750 x W=5700 x H=2300 mm

Internal dimensions: L=3550 x W=5500 x H=2100 mm

Technical specifications:

Prefabricated Cold room, walk-in type, mono block, supplied with all
necessary mechanical and electrical fittings and equipment for quick and
easy installation in the field.

The unit is designed to operate from a mains supply of 400V/3/50Hz with
a dual refrigeration unit, each refrigeration unit is sized to give 100%
stand-by capacity designed to operate at +2°C - +8°C in a maximum
ambient of 43°C. Units operating from a mains supply of or 220 V/3/60
Hz are available as option, please confirm the power rating during the
time of ordering for this option.

Electrical protection: Automatic fuse 10A for electrical protection.
Also the 3-phase+neutral line voltage monitoring relay K10 will cut
supply from the system with contactor and bipolar differential magneto
thermic circuit breaker is integrated in main control box.

The complete unit is also designed for installation in a housed area
such as a warehouse in order to meet temperature design standards.

Specification details:

Prefabricated modular walk-in cold room complete with floor, wall and
ceiling panels.

Refrigeration unit:

-uses CFC-free refrigerant gas R404a.

-has an automatic duty sharing with a time relay to balance their
wear-is fitted with run-hour meters.

-Defrosting is handled by cooling unit controller. Defrosting interval
is calculated through Smart Defrost algorithm (only when the compressor
is ON and the evaporator temperature is bigger than “SdF” parameter).

-with sealants for air tightening the cut outs between monobloc units,
pipes and wall panel.

Temperature control:

The thermostat is calibrated to ITS-90 and accuracy is ± 0.5°C.

Internal temperature: +2°C to +8°C

Electrical safety rating:

All electrical components comply with IEC 60335-1.

Panel Insulation:

CFC-free metal faced insulating panels with 280GD+Z steel faces (EN
10326) and polyester coating, PVDF, FFS, Pural foam with a density of 44

Insulation thickness: 100 mm with U-value of 0.23 W/m2K.

Wall and roof panel construction:

Panels are manufactured according to EN15409 self-supporting double skin
metal faced insulating panels. Factory made products.

Tongued and grooved joints between panels to minimize cold-bridging.

Floor construction:

Top of floor panel is made of Wisa Hexa, heavy duty, 9 mm birch plywood
with grey phenol laminate coating (RAL 7023) and hot-pressed anti-slip
hexagonal pattern (10 mm). Anti-slip class R11 (accord. DIN 51130

Floor construction conforms to “Type A” loading requirements as per WHO
PQS: E001/CR-FR01.4.

Door construction:

Thickness: 100 mm

Opening width: 800mm.

Opening height: 2000mm.

Average thermal transmittance (U value) of the door panels: 0.23 W/m2K.

Foam insulation complies with the Temperature zone for the site of the
cold room and contains fire-retardant.

With heavy duty hinges and lock with internal safety release.

An internal plastic strip curtain.


The shelving system is made of steel wall brackets, shelf brackets and
bracket tubes, as well as ABS shelf boards on top of the bracket tubes.
The steel parts are painted with grey epoxy-polyester paint (RAL 7040).

Shelves have 500mm depth and can be adjusted up to 1920 mm high, 5
levels, the top face of the lowest shelf is at 200mm above the floor.

The max. shelf load is 200 kg/sqm/shelf tier.


Room is equipped with low-energy LED luminaires with an external switch
and pilot light.

The minimum level of illumination on the vertical side of the lowest
shelves: 150 lux.

Alarm System:

A mains-operated audible and visible alarm in the event of mains failure
or when room temperatures are outside set limits.

With battery backup and automatic recharge.

Supplied with remotely located repeater alarm sounders and flasher units
is supplied with 15m of wire.

Temperature Monitoring System:

A gas pressure thermometer with capillary tube & reversible flange,
complying with PQS E006/TH02.

Spare Parts:

The following spare parts (sufficient for two years of normal operation
at the specified locations) shall be provided together with the WIC:

Evaporator fan motor – (1 each)

Condenser fan motor – (1 each)

Contactor (Main and auxiliary) – (4 each)

High Pressure /Low pressure switch – (1 each)

Thermostat with the Temperature probes – (2 each)

Filter drier – (2 each)

R404a: 10-12 kg/cylinder – (1 each)

Environmental Requirements:

Ambient temperature range during transport and storage:

-30°C to +70°C when components are in transit. Ambient humidity range
during transport, storage and use: 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing.

Physical Characteristics:

Overall dimensions:

Individual components will be able to fit through an 800mm wide door
opening (with the door leaf removed if necessary).


Component elements of the room enclosure and component elements of the
refrigeration unit(s) are capable of being manhandled safely into their
final positions.


Refrigerant gas R404a (CFC-free) comply with the requirements of the
Montreal Protocol.

The casing and/or the compressor body of each refrigeration unit will
carry a permanent label clearly identifying the refrigerant used in
letters not less than 10mm high.


To be covered by a 2 years warranty in the event of any component
failure arising from defective design, materials or workmanship.


Assembly, operation, technical drawings, wiring diagrams, maintenance
and repair manuals in English & French or Spanish shall be provided.
Upon request, instructions shall be in one of the UN languages most
appropriate to the installation site; Arabic, English, French, Mandarin
Chinese, Russian or Spanish.

Special requirement for compressor during the transportation:

Compressor is equipped with shock absorber to prevent them from
potential damage during transport.

Packaging and labelling:

Cold room is packed in wooden boxes and in compliance with WHO PQS
E001/CR-FR01.4 and Product verification protocol: E001/CR-FR01-VP1.4 and
E001/CR-FR01-VP2.4 respectively.

Shipping Information:

Estimated shipping weight: 2336 Kg

Estimated Shipping volume: 18.1 m3

Material safety data sheet information (MSDS):

UN Code: UN3337

Danger Class: 2.2

Packing instruction: P200

Instructions: T50

Proper shipping name: Refrigerant Gas R-404A

Useful links:

Cold Chain Support Package:


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