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Nadroparin Calcium Injection

INDICATIONS:The prophylaxis of thromboembolic disorders, such as: – those associated with general or orthopedic surgery – those in high risk medical patients (respiratory failure and/or respiratory infection and/or cardiac failure), hospitalised in intensive care unit. The treatment of thromboembolic disorders. The prevention of clotting during haemodialysis.The treatment of unstable angina and non-Q wave myocardial infarction.


Nadroparin Calcium 6,150 IU AXa in 0.6ml water for injections

The main ingredient of this product is nadroparin calcium, which is a calcium salt of aminodextran (heparin) fragment obtained from porcine small intestinal mucosa. 1ml injection contains nadroparin calcium 9500IU anti-factor Xa (European Pharmacopoeia unit. It is equivalent to WHO unit 10250IU anti-factor Xa). In this specification, except for the unit in the specification is WHO unit, all other units used are European Pharmacopoeia units.


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