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DAAN qPCR Fluorescense Detection SystemAGS 7600( 1Layer)
  • AGS 7600 Real-time PCR Detection System
  • The product is based on a fluorescent polymerase chain reaction and is clinically available for analysis of  nucleic acid samples (RNA/DNA) derived from humans.
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AGS7600 Real-time PCR Detection System

Product features:

1. The system uses advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology to accurately control temperature;

2.  Adopt advanced optical fiber signal transmission method;

3.  Provide 1 ~36°C gradient temperature function by setting the temperature deviation to meet different experimental


4.  Multi-channel temperature control with excellent temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity;

5. Long-life LED light source ensures stable and reliable optical system;

6. Unique optical path design with high performance PMT makes the optoelectronic components high sensitivity and

low noise;

7.  Provide up to 4+2 channel detection functions;

8.  Self-contained positive detection rate analysis, early warning laboratory pollution;

9.  Experimental data export/ LIS connection I user-defined medical report I multi-color printing function;

10. Powerful automatic gain and automatic background correction function, automatically adapt to various reagents; @ Have data transfer to cloud server function to achieve data sharing;

11. With hot-key function, it can realize one-button running program function .

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Weight 72 kg


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